What is a internet merchant account?

The payment processing method for them is displayed differently. The tangible merchant integrates payment gateway in their website so customer can pay online. The service website sometimes only introduce some information of their service but does not integrate API for payment. The merchant can process order by virtual terminal through telephone and email order. The virtual terminal is also a payment option from ecommerce merchant account provider. But the criteria for applying VT is stricter as there are more potential risky elements consisted in such payment processing. But if you are an old long time cooperated merchant, it is normally easier for applying VT.

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Some payment processors take overseas merchant. The language is different, and the system is based on different kind of software and technical support. There will be more work to be done to take care the cases. The customary program and frequently used words are different. So communication is a key in maintaining the merchant account and their processing. The merchant service department will be taking care all issues with from other areas such as accounting, technical, risk control etc. The service department does not have to directly process the issues, instead they communicate with other departments before answering or notifying the merchants. Therefore the processor obviously not only a technical service provider, it also assists on customer issues, financial report service and settlement service. Also there are many currency exchange rate involved, we will be chatting next time.

What is the cheapest way to accept credit card payments online?

When assessing the costs associated with online payment processors, you should consider the wider benefits you buy when selecting a payment provider: reliability and security of transactions, your customers security and satisfaction, flexibility and ability to provide your customers with their preferred payment methods, etc.
We at Acardpay offer an extensive set of features, tools and resources for your online business at one of the most competitive prices on the market today. Our payment processing services have high global reach, servicing customers all around the world, and we specialize in online sales for software, SaaS, digital services and products vendors.

Besides accepting over 70 payment methods worldwide, in more than 80 currencies, we supply all our partners with:
– product management, sales & marketing tools (and plenty more features)
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Which is the best Payment Gateway in India?

With so many payment gateway providers out there, it would be difficult to single one out. To speed up your research, I strongly suggest to start with a comprehensive guide like this top 20 payment gateway reference. It gives you a quick look at the top players in the field and their unique offerings.

While it may be easy to transfer to another payment gateway if your initial choice leaves much to be desired, changing services mid-way can be a hassle to you or your customer. It is better that you pick the best service for you at the onset so it can grow with you as you expand you business.

However, there are certain considerations that you have to factor in, such as the following:

Do they have several payment methods like bank transfer, credit cards, or local debit cards?

Do they support international payments with multi-currency and multi-language capability? And do they charge extra fees for these features?

Do they have robust security features and PCI compliance to ensure that online payments and transactions are safe?

Do they provide quality and reliable customer support through various channels? Are these free or come at a cost?

It is wise to scrutinize their websites for their service features as well as terms and conditions so that you are well aware of their policies and offerings. You can also search the internet for user comments and feedback to give you first-hand accounts of their services.

Another thing to consider in choosing the best payment gateway provider is if it can meet your requirement. Certain providers have become preferred choices when it comes to particular needs and situations. Here are examples and my recommendation.

E-commerce – If you operate an online store or sell through Amazon, you can go for Amazon Payments, acardpay. These can handle secure online payments, are noted for fast payment processing and fund transfer, can integrate with most shopping cart and retail platforms, and can provide you a merchant account.

Professional services – For freelancers, independent contractors and professionals who need to receive or send payments fast, you have solid options in acardpay. They provide quick and simple online money transfer, and can receive funds worldwide via credit cards and bank accounts.

SMEs – Startups and small and medium-sized businesses can go for Acardpay which has features for recurring billing and multiple payment methods. Acardpay can even do email transaction and offers a free account.

Global Operations – If you have customers, deliveries and billings on an international scale, you need a robust, all-in-one payment platform. Of course, Acardpay will come to mind. But there are other equally reliable services such as Acardpay which has transaction level reporting and customization options for your business.

Manufacture transformation in ecommerce

In recent years foreign trade client deals show a downward trend. Some client even have transformed their model. The factory sales number therefore being significantly slump. Under such situation how does export factory change over to cross border ecommerce business platform. We know that ecommerce platform is closely related to payment processing. We heard a lot about ecommerce but we know little about the business workflow. The urge of transform is imminent but as to how to shift is still a question. Some company want to develop more ecommerce clients but they are not familiar with the processing platform and the rules, without professional and experience they do not know how to start up.

For tangible merchandise factory in cross-border ecommerce area, their advantage relies on relatively strong product workmanship. They are familiar with the working process therefore are able to manage the quality. They have relatively abundant capital which can be using for support its development.
But every coin has two sides. Compare to the advantage, the tangible factory’s disadvantage is insufficient on its ability person and professional employee. The way of thinking is probably not able to swift instantly. Meanwhile for newbie ecommerce company, if the sales cannot reach the expected number there may be a lot overstocked products which are occupied a large of funds.
Despite the advantage and disadvantage, for tangible manufacture the transformation and development is must. Rather take initiative action than await your doom.

Are there any payment gateways that offer partner program?

Most payment gateway providers offer partner programs.

I feel that the key question is how to select the partner program that is most suitable for your business model.

The first thing to do is to choose the residual revenue model you need.

Traditional options were associated with ISOs. They charged either some fixed or some percentage of processing amount fee for merchant referral. Lately, more and more payment platforms started emerging on the market. The most profitable option for these platforms is the so-called payment facilitator model. They add their markups to the processing fees already charged by the gateway service provider.
So, if you are developing web-sites or just have your own blog, then you can simply partner with an existing ISO or a gateway provider. However, if you are building a large payment platform (POS platform, restaurant network platform, etc), that is to be used by multiple merchants (or sub-merchants), then you should pay close attention at payment facilitator model and look for a partner that has a”good” payment faciltator program as a service